The Caspian Sea is the largest lake all over the world. Iran has  724 kilometers coastline. Southern coasts have Mediterranean climate. This region, as mentioned above, is one of the richest and most natural and cultural heritages. In the meantime, owing to the prevention of extinction and destruction danger, the role of natural and cultural heritage preservation is of a particular significance. It is evident, therefore, that the link between the natural and cultural heritages and their preservation would form at a place called “The Museum”. The proposed museum, prior to serving as a place to display, acts as a pedagogical setting for the people of varied age groups to recognize and appreciate the natural and cultural heritage. Applying the most efficient and state-of-the-art scientific approaches, the setting would try to achieve its goals. It, in addition to attracting the public, would be capable to bring the researchers of various scientific areas together, as well. Key words: The Caspian Sea, cultural heritage, natural heritage, preservation, museum.

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